Press Release
| Bob Salera

New Ad: Hillary & McCaskill

After Hillary Clinton’s latest comments bashing Trump supporters, the NRSC is releasing a new ad reminding Missouri voters about Claire McCaskill’s unwavering support for Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign and her history of disparaging remarks.

While Missourians supported President Trump, McCaskill was more than happy to back Hillary and her out of touch policies. The ad highlights Hillary’s recent remarks in India calling Trump supporters backwards, as well as her infamous “basket of deplorables” comments. Even as Clinton insults Missourians McCaskill continues to defend her, saying in an interview on MSNBC yesterday that she understood the point Hillary was trying to make when she called Heartland voters backwards and racist.

The digital ad can be viewed HERE.

“Hillary Clinton, Claire McCaskill and the Democratic Party share the same elitist disdain towards the needs of hardworking Missourians,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “Voters will be reminded that McCaskill did everything she could to get Hillary Clinton elected president.”