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NEW AD: Hooked Up

The latest ad in Indiana from the NRSC highlights Sleepin’ Joe Donnelly’s failed record in Washington and inability to do the job Hoosiers are paying him to do.

In addition to being named the least effective Democrat in the Senate, he also has missed nearly a fifth of committee hearings. When Sleepin’ Joe actually bothers to show up for work, he’s a reliable vote for all of the radical left’s top priorities, including making it easer for dangerous illegal immigrants to enter the country and receive taxpayer-funded benefits.

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“On the rare days Sleepin’ Joe Donnelly shows up for work, he’s a disaster for Hoosiers, voting for radical policies like giving taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal immigrants,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “Sleepin’ Joe is ineffective, out of touch and not working for Indiana.”


VO: When Joe Donnelly’s in Washington he’s hooked up with the radical left

VO: His liberal votes making it easier to allow dangerous illegal immigrants into our country

VO: And give them taxpayer-funded benefits

VO: Sleepin’ Joe was also named the least effective Democrat in the Senate

VO: Missing nearly one in five committee hearings

VO: Joe Donnelly’s going the wrong way in Washington. And just isn’t working for Indiana

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