Press Release
| Paige Lindgren

NEW AD: Jon Ossoff, as fake as his Tinseltown friends

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) released its third TV ad in the Georgia U.S. Senate race, exposing Jon Ossoff for his fake credentials, ties to Al Jazeera, his liberal Hollywood donors and the radical policies they know he supports.


“In harsh contrast to lifelong businessman David Perdue, Jon Ossoff is an empty suit – perfect for pushing the liberal agenda of the Hollywood elites and Washington Democrats funding his campaign,” said NRSC spokesperson Paige Lindgren. “Between his ties to Al Jazeera, over-exaggerated resume, and blind support for policies of the radical left, Ossoff has completely disqualified himself from being Georgia’s Senator.”


Tinseltown: home of ultra-liberals and everything fake so it’s not surprising Hollywood’s bankrolling Jon Ossoff’s campaigns. 

Ossoff’s so fake he exaggerated his national security credentials. So liberal, he praised AOC’s radical Green New Deal and government run health care.

The latest – Hollywood Ossoff’s movie company was caught working with Al Jazeera, known for terrorist ties.

Jon Ossoff: as fake as his Tinseltown liberal friends.