Press Release
| Bob Salera

New ad: McCaskill’s shutdown

Claire McCaskill’s Democrat colleagues voted to shut down the government last night, and McCaskill has failed to speak out against her Democrat colleagues and end the Schumer Shutdown. In response, the NRSC is launching a new ad campaign highlighting the consequences of Senate Democrats’ political games.

The Facebook auto-play ads are part of a national campaign targeting red state Democrats after their caucus voted to shut down the government and take health insurance away from 8.9 million children. The ad reminds Missourians that McCaskill’s continued inaction means that 87,790 Missouri children will lose health insurance, and critical funding for our troops and seniors will disappear. It may all be a game to McCaskill and her Democrat colleagues, but the Schumer Shutdown hurts real Missourians.

Click HERE to watch the Facebook auto-play ad.

“The Schumer Shutdown will have serious, real world consequences for Missouri children and seniors, as well as our national security,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “Missouri voters will hold Claire McCaskill responsible for this unnecessary shutdown forced by the Democrats.”