The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) released a new TV ad today that debunks Democrat Sara Gideon’s claims that she took “immediate action” against alleged sexual predator Dillon Bates.

Watch the new NRSC ad here


Gideon claims we should “#believewomen,” but when Gideon found out one of her fellow Democrat legislators had been accused of preying on teenage girls, she did the opposite. Instead of taking the teenagers at their word, she asked her accused colleague about it. He denied it and she believed him claiming she could not “find any substantiation, actual proof, of evidence of any victims of the allegations.”

The timeline for what Gideon knew about the allegations, and when, directly contradicts her claim that she took immediate action once she was informed of the allegations.

The truth is, the school placed Bates on leave, he resigned, took a new job at a different high school (exposing even more children to potential abuse) and continued serving alongside Gideon for nearly six months before she did anything at all.

Gideon only took action because she knew a local newspaper was going to go public with the allegation.


  • NOVEMBER 2017: Democrat State Rep. Dillon Bates placed on administrative leave from the all-girls school he taught at.
  • MARCH 2018: Gideon is made aware of allegations that Bates was preying on high school girls. Does nothing.
  • AUGUST 2018: A local newspaper reported on allegations against Democrat State Rep. Dillion Bates. Only then, did Gideon call for him to resign.

“Guilty Gideon learned there was an alleged sexual predator walking the halls of the Maine statehouse and took no immediate action against him,” said NRSC spokesperson Nathan Brand. “To stand by Dillon Bates knowing what she knew about him, it is clear Gideon put her political interests ahead of seeking justice.”


NARRATOR: As speaker, Sara Gideon was the leader of her party. Yet – when one of her legislators, a teacher, was accused of preying on teenage girls, Gideon did nothing. Only after the school put him on leave, and only after the press investigated the alleged abuse did Gideon then call for his resignation.

NEWS CLIP: Speaker Gideon’s spokeswoman confirms that the speaker had heard rumors about representative Dillon Bates months ago.

NARRATOR: Speaker Gideon. Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. The NRSC is responsible for the content of this advertising.


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