Press Release
| Joanna Rodriguez

NEW AD: Tap-Dancing, Tax-Raising Cunningham

The National Republican Senatorial Committee released a new TV ad today targeting James Calvin Cunningham III for his record of raising taxes on North Carolina families. Cunningham has spent his entire career in politics working in lockstep with liberals on policies that hurt working families.


Watch the NRSC’s new TV ad here.

“James Calvin Cunningham III spent his time in Raleigh standing with liberal Democrats, voting to raise taxes on North Carolina families, and now he wants to go to Washington and do the same with Chuck Schumer,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “He’s spent his entire Senate campaign doing Washington Democrats’ bidding by dodging debates and misleading voters. North Carolinians can’t afford him raising their taxes again.”
“He talks taxes, then raises them. Tap-dancing Cal Cunningham.
“In Raleigh, Cunningham partnered with liberals and voted for over $1 billion in new taxes. The Cunningham two-step delivered higher taxes on sales, health care, alcohol, and more.
“Now, Washington liberals are embracing Cunningham and his tax-raising fancy footwork.
“Cal Cunningham. We can’t afford his higher taxes at the big dance.”