| Joanna Rodriguez

NEW BILLBOARD: Mark Kelly Is Not Who He Says He Is

Washington, D.C. —  Today the NRSC posted a new Arizona billboard and corresponding website after Mark Kelly attempted to bury his personal financial disclosure in Democratic presidential debate coverage last week.

The filing, which revealed Kelly took in $1.8 million in speaking fees from major corporations, universities, and foreign governments over the past 18 months and reported assets worth up to $27 million, further exposed Kelly as a hypocrite for sale to the highest bidder.

Visit RealMarkKelly.com.

The website, RealMarkKelly.com, outlines a series of Kelly’s hypocrisies including:

“Last week, Mark Kelly exposed himself as nothing more than a corporate shill and a hypocrite eager to cash a check from any corporation or group willing to write him one,” NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez said. “This small window into his finances is just the beginning of what he’s been hiding, and while Mark Kelly tries desperately to conceal who he really is, we’re ready to make sure Arizona voters can get the truth.”

The billboard is located in Phoenix on I-10 between Elliot and Guadalupe Roads.