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New Billboard: Tomlinson Is Too Liberal For Georgia

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is up with a new billboard today in Atlanta reminding voters that Teresa Tomlinson is too liberal for Georgia. The billboard, located along I-85 near Buckhead, features Tomlinson alongside socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.



BILLBOARD TEXT: Teresa Tomlinson: Too Liberal for Georgia


“Teresa Tomlinson’s embrace of the socialist agenda may appease national Democrats like AOC and Ilhan Omar, but Peach State voters know the road to socialism will not run through the state of Georgia,” said NRSC spokesperson Nathan Brand. “While Tomlinson tries to outflank unabashedly socialist candidates like Ted Terry, the Democratic primary continues to march further away from the priorities and principles of Georgia voters.”



Tomlinson says some call her a socialist

“Someone here might think, ‘Well she’s a progressive, she’s a socialist,’” she said, threading the needle. “I am a progressive, but I am a pragmatic progressive.”  (Mother Jones, 7/1/19)

Tomlinson praises the “squad”

That’s what the Right can’t stand about The Squad. Those women are fearless about their beliefs… Even if you don’t support the policies– or certainly some of the statements– of The Squad, you can’t deny that you appreciate that they unabashedly tell the world what they think. (Tomlinson campaign website, 7/19)


Tomlinson’s 98.53 “progressive score”
TOMLINSON: “Actually, I have a higher progressive score than Ted Terry. I’m at 98.53 on the Democratic scoring. He’s only a 97, but Ted and I are both good Democrats.” (Twitter, 7/12/19)


Tomlinson supports impeaching the president
Flagpole: Senate Candidate Teresa Tomlinson Says Trump Should Be Impeached (Flagpole, 6/8/19)


Tomlinson says she is “very aligned” with radical Need To Impeach founder Tom Steyer on “all of the policy issues.”
(Need to Impeach town hall, 4/16/18)