Press Release
| Joanna Rodriguez

NEW NRSC AD: Communist Chinese Investments Have Made Mark Kelly Rich

The NRSC is out with a new TV ad this morning attacking Democrat Mark Kelly for his companies’ dependence on multiple investors with ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Watch the NRSC’s new ad here.

Kelly has faced scrutiny both in Arizona and nationally for investments made by Tencent, a surveillance arm of the Chinese Communist Party, in the company he co-founded, World View Enterprises. The state-financed Chinese investor of a second company, Boom Technology, where Kelly served as an Advisory Board member, was also recently exposed.

“Mark Kelly spent years doing whatever it took to get rich, including allowing the Chinese Communist Party to invest in him and his companies,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “His Chinese investors are responsible for putting not just U.S. national security, but also global security at risk all so he could make a quick buck.”


“Mark Kelly’s trying to use his fame to get elected.  He’s already used his fame to get rich from China.

“Kelly got paid to advise a company partnered with China, mired in a global security threat. Another Kelly company took Chinese money, an undisclosed sum from a Chinese firm accused of espionage.

“The press warned China could be secretly gathering information using companies like Kelly’s.

“Mark Kelly doesn’t stop, he just gets paid.”