Kelly Joins Joe Biden In Having Underwater Approval Ratings Among Key Arizona Voters

Washington, D.C. – Joe Biden’s historically bad summer polling is trending into the fall and rubbing off on D.C. Darling Mark Kelly. According to the latest Arizona Public Opinion Pulse conducted by OH Predictive, Biden’s approval rating sits at a meager 42%, with 55% of Arizonans disapproving of his job performance. The same poll serves as a “warning sign” for Mark Kelly, whose approval is down even lower at 41%, with 48% of Arizonans disapproving.

Mark Kelly might have thought that riding Joe Biden’s coattails was key to victory in 2022, but he could not be more wrong. This latest poll reveals that Mark Kelly joined Joe Biden in having underwater approval ratings with key voters across Arizona. Hispanic and independent voters along with suburban women, parents, and middle-class families are all souring on Joe Biden and the Democrats’ reckless agenda. 

recent NRSC poll of suburban voters also found similar trends across the country – Americans are opening their eyes to how Joe Biden and Democrats like Mark Kelly have failed them when it comes to skyrocketing inflation, a crisis along the Southern Border, and rising crime in their communities. Not surprisingly, voters in Arizona and across the nation are rejecting Democrats’ radical, anti-America policies.

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Katharine Cooksey: “There is no recovery in sight for Mark Kelly, Joe Biden, and their disastrous approval ratings in Arizona. No doubt, Mark Kelly is already thinking about how to salvage his own reelection by attempting to distance himself from Biden’s historically unpopular agenda. But it’s too late for D.C. Darling Mark Kelly. Arizonans know Mark Kelly and Joe Biden have abandoned them.” 


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