| Joanna Rodriguez

NEW RADIO AD: “Terrible Taxing Tina”

Washington, D.C. –  The NRSC launched a new statewide radio ad in Minnesota today targeting Tina Smith for putting herself before Minnesota families.


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As health care costs increased, Smith has profited off investments in opioid manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. She’s also opposed tax cuts for middle-class families, while her own family used an off-shore tax haven.

“When it comes to increasing her own wealth and avoiding taxes, Tina Smith knows no shame,” NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez said. “Her penchant for increasing taxes on hard-working Minnesota families only adds to the hypocrisy.”

The radio ad, voiced by Minnesota’s native son and NRSC Executive Director Kevin McLaughlin, will run statewide in the Duluth, Mankato, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Rochester markets.


“It’s time we talk about our Senator, Tina Smith.

“Tina spent her career putting liberal organizations like Planned Parenthood first. And since she was appointed our Senator, she’s only put herself first.

“Tina’s attacked pharmaceutical companies and opioid manufacturers — while her family has made a whole bunch of money off of them.

“Tina pushed for higher taxes on our families, while her family had money safely stored in offshore tax havens.

“As radicals from her party like Bernie Sanders and AOC push Medicare for All and a Green New Deal, which would raise taxes and kill jobs for working families here at home, Senator Smith refuses to tell Minnesotans where she stands.

“And Minnesotans deserve a Senator who will put people before party. We need a Senator who isn’t just in it for herself.

“Terrible taxing Tina Smith is bad for Minnesota.”