The NRSC today launched a new television ad slamming Jacky Rosen for skipping a vote to protect Vietnam veterans from the deadly effects of Agent Orange.

Rosen has continuously put her political career before Nevada’s veterans, skipping this vital vote for a photo op, which she immediately used in a campaign advertisement.

Click HERE to watch the new ad.

“Nevada’s veterans have had to pay the price for Jacky Rosen’s rabid political ambitions,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “Instead of standing with members of our armed services who risked their lives to protect our freedoms, Jacky Rosen was busy playing to the camera. Nevada’s veterans won’t forget she put politics before them.”


TOM SPENCER: They sprayed Agent Orange to kill every plant and every tree in sight in Vietnam.

TS: The vets who were exposed got Lymphoma, Parkinson’s and Cancer.

TS: When Congress debated helping veterans on Agent Orange, Jacky Rosen skipped town.

TS: She went to a political photo op in Texas instead of doing her job for veterans.

TS: Jacky Rosen cares more about politics than she cares about veterans.

VO: NRSC is responsible for the content of this advertising.

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