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New TV Ad hits Jacky Rosen for inflating resume

The NRSC released a new television ad today hitting Jacky Rosen for inflating her resume.

Rosen repeatedly claimed she built a business, yet when multiple news organizations looked into her story, they couldn’t find evidence she built anything.

Click HERE to watch the TV ad, which will air in the Reno DMA.

“Given Jacky Rosen’s biggest accomplishment in Congress is voting with Nancy Pelosi nearly 90% of the time, it’s no wonder she inflated her resume,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “Rosen’s actions make it clear Nevada voters can’t trust a word she says.”


Voiceover: Listen to Jacky Rosen brag about her career.

Jacky Rosen: “I built a business.”

Jacky Rosen: “Built a business.”

Jacky Rosen: “I built a business.”

Voiceover: But the Review-Journal says there’s no proof she built anything.

Voiceover: Gazette-Journal found no evidence that Jacky Rosen ever had a business license. At all.

Voiceover: No employees. No license. No truth in Jacky Rosen.

Voiceover: Jacky Rosen’s campaign…..heh…..full of hot air.