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New TV Ad: The Truth About Tester

The NRSC debuted its first television ad in Montana this morning, blasting Senator Tester for siding with Washington liberals like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to obstruct President Trump’s agenda.

Despite the folksy, bipartisan act he puts on in campaign ads, Senator Tester has voted against President Trump more than 60% of the time, voted against tax cuts for Montana families and voted not once, not twice, but three times against cracking down on sanctuary cities.

Click here to watch the ad.

“Senator Tester turned his back on Montanans by supporting every dangerous liberal idea in the book from amnesty to sanctuary cities, while fighting President Trump on his biggest priorities, like tax cuts for Montana families,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Senator Tester has made it crystal clear: he’s more loyal to Washington Democrats than to President Trump or the hard-working Montana families he’s supposed to represent.”


VOICEOVER: Can you pass the Tester Test?

VOICEOVER: Which of these has voted against President Trump more than 60% of the time?

VOICEOVER: Which one voted NO on tax cuts worth $2,200 for Montana families?

VOICEOVER: Supported amnesty and sanctuary cities?

VOICEOVER: The answer: all of them.

VOICEOVER: The more you learn about the real Jon Tester, the more you realize: he may look like Montana, but he votes like them.

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