| Joanna Rodriguez

NEW VIDEO: GOP Senate Majority is Last Line of Defense Against 2020 Democrats’ Socialist Agenda

Washington, D.C. –  The NRSC today released a new video, the first of its “Last Line of Defense” series, highlighting the Democratic Party’s “race to radicalism” and the Republican Senate Majority’s role as the last line of defense against the socialist platform that was on display during last week’s debates.

The new NRSC video features extreme policies – from raising taxes on the middle-class families, to ending private health insurance, to providing free taxpayer-funded health care for undocumented immigrants, – and underscores Grim Reaper Mitch McConnell’s and the Senate Majority’s role in stopping these policies from coming to fruition.

“Democratic Senate candidates across the country are running alongside presidential candidates whose promises of crippling tax increases, ending private health insurance, and racing toward radicalism threaten American prosperity and security,” said NRSC Communications Director Jesse Hunt. “Now more than ever, America needs a strong Republican Senate Majority to be the last line of defense to ensure this extreme socialist agenda will never become reality.”