| plindgren

NEW VIDEO: Special Edition of NRSC Primary Watch Talks Bernie Boom

Washington, D.C. – This week, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) Primary Watch takes voters to the crowded field in Iowa – and we’re not talking about corn fields. The special edition episode examines the impact Bernie Sanders’ progressive insurgency is having on Senate races around the country.

The Democrat establishment suffered a major defeat this week as they were unable to stop Iowa caucus-goers from “feeling the Bern.” Party leaders have taken drastic steps to stop Sanders, even reportedly discussing a change of rules at their convention to weaken his campaign.

Watch Primary Watch: Bernie Boom here.

“While the Presidential primary has brought national attention to the Democrats’ identity crisis – socialism vs. further left socialism – we are seeing the same tension down ballot with Democrat Senate primaries around the country,” said NRSC Communications Director Jesse Hunt. “Far-left candidates across the country have seen surges in support and social media engagement under the masthead of the U.S.S. Bernie Sanders.”

Primary Watch brings voters the news and updates from the nastiest Democratic U.S. Senate primaries from across the country. New episodes are released each week highlighting the latest primary drama from different states.