Washington, D.C. – Mandela Barnes has had a rough week. He was forced to walk back not one but two endorsements from law enforcement officials. Last week, Barnes announced that he was endorsed by 9 law enforcement officers, only 2 of which were active duty. But it turns out that the only two active-duty police officers on the list didn’t actually endorse him. 

This leaves Barnes with zero endorsements from any of Wisconsin’s 13,400 active-duty law enforcement officers. The Barnes campaign says one of the fake endorsements was a “clerical error,” but everyone knows it was a desperate attempt to manufacture support from law enforcement. 

Meanwhile, Senator Ron Johnson announced real endorsements from a bipartisan majority of Wisconsin Sheriffs and the Kenosha Police Association Board. The choice for voters is clear: Ron Johnson, who is endorsed by Democrat and Republican Sheriffs from across Wisconsin or “defund the police” activist Mandela Barnes, who announced fake endorsements and isn’t endorsed by a single active-duty law enforcement officer. 

Click HERE or the screenshot below for more on Barnes’ fake endorsements:


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