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not buying it

Is anyone actually buying Senator Baldwin’s election year backflips on border security? Senator Baldwin apparently wants Wisconsin to believe she wouldn’t vote to abolish ICE or reduce border enforcement, but she should know that actions speak louder than words.

Just days after claiming she wouldn’t vote to dissolve the agency responsible for enforcing immigration law in the United States, Senator Baldwin proudly flew out Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (the Senate’s ring leader of the abolish ICE movement) to campaign for her in Wisconsin.

Senator Baldwin claims she wants ICE to make “targeting violent criminals and drug traffickers” their highest priority, but voted against tougher penalties for deported felons who illegally re-enter the United States, voted at least three times to protect sanctuary cities and has repeatedly voted against stronger border security.

Truth is, despite her lame political posturing, Tammy Baldwin has been a consistent vote for the Democrats’ open borders, weak immigration enforcement agenda in Congress – and voters won’t forget it this November.