Washington, D.C. – It’s been a rough week for Val Demings. Demings has refused to criticize groups like Black Lives Matter and Squad members like AOC who defend the Cuban regime and blame the United States for the plight of the people of Cuba. And yesterday, she failed a basic test on an issue that’s hugely important to Florida: whether she supports the Cuba embargo. After dodging questions and refusing to take a position on the Cuba embargo, she had to send a spokesperson out to clean up her mess. Weak.

You would think Val Demings, trying to earn a promotion to the Senate, would be more well-versed on a topic this important to Florida.

It’s clear that Demings is not ready for primetime.  

“…it still would seem like someone taking on a Cuban American incumbent should expect questions about the embargo and what she wants the Biden administration to do about the ongoing situation.” – Florida Playbook

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Priscilla Ivasco: “Despite being the star recruit for Chuck Schumer and national Democrats, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Val Demings is not ready for primetime. She couldn’t even answer a basic question about whether she supports the Cuba embargo and had to send a spokesperson out to clean up her mess.  Senator Rubio is leading the charge to fight for freedom and democracy in Cuba. Val Demings is just following the lead of the radicals in her own party.”


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