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Claire McCaskill’s allies really seem to be spooked after a seemingly never ending string of gaffes on the campaign trail has dogged their candidate wherever she goes.

After asking organizers to ban recording from her “public” town hall meeting earlier this month after walking out and noticing a camera in the audience, attendees at an event today in Arnold were greeted at the door with the below notice advising that they could not “record, reproduce, transmit or stream” and that making “photographs, videotapes or other recordings” were prohibited.

If you’re wondering why McCaskill and her allies are so gun-shy about recordings of Claire, here’s a reminder of her many gaffes from just the past month:

  • McCaskill told supporters she became “physically ill” when she learned President Trump would nominate a successor for Justice Kennedy.
  • McCaskill told supporters she could “give up a few votes in the bootheel” if “we do our job in St. Louis County.”
  • McCaskill told supporters her campaign was struggling to find volunteers and her campaign offices “feel depressing.”
  • McCaskill told supporters she “can’t take anything from a lobbyist” despite being the third largest recipient of lobbyist cash in Congress.
  • McCaskill told supporters she had “good news” that a dark money group was helping her in Missouri.