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NRSC Launches Ahead of Ethics Hearing

AUGUSTA, ME – Ahead of today’s Maine Ethics Commission hearing to review Democrat Sara Gideon’s straw donor scheme, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) launched The site will highlight Gideon’s illegal straw donor scheme, shady donors, and “dark” money.


In addition to the new site, the NRSC will be running new Facebook and Twitter ads, and will be rolling a new mobile billboard through Augusta during Wednesday’s hearing.


Wednesday’s hearing follows news that Gideon ran a straw donor scheme by illegally reimbursing herself with a corporate-funded state LPAC for federal campaign contributions. Reporting on her straw donor scheme sparked an ethics complaint from former Maine Ethics Commission board member Edward Youngblood, which prompted tomorrow’s hearing. The Maine Democratic Party and Emily Cain, recipients of Gideon’s straw donor scheme, were slapped with FEC complaints on Tuesday following news that they failed to return the illegal contributions.


View the new site here



MOBILE BILLBOARD TEXT: Good luck defending your scheme to launder your PAC’s corporate money into federal elections.


“Guilty Gideon has proven she’s willing to stop at nothing – even breaking the law – to deliver for her extreme liberal allies,” said NRSC spokesperson Nathan Brand. “Gideon’s reliance on questionable donors, illegal contributions, or support from dark money special interest groups is a reminder that she will do whatever it takes – legal or illegal – to try to give Maine’s voice away to the liberals in Washington.”