| Joanna Rodriguez

NRSC Launches “Joyride John Travel Agency” Ad Attacking Hickenlooper for Ethics Troubles

Washington, D.C. –  The National Republican Senatorial Committee yesterday launched a “Joyride John Travel Agency” digital ad, complete with a travel brochure, in advance of Thursday’s Colorado Independent Ethics Commission meeting about the ongoing complaints against Democratic Senate candidate John Hickenlooper.

The ad and brochure highlight Hickenlooper’s ongoing ethics troubles and The Denver Post‘s discovery that Colorado taxpayers were footing the bill for Hickenlooper’s ethics investigation defense attorney from a 9/11 economic recovery fund. The four-figure digital ad buy will run in Denver throughout the week.

Check out the details of the travel brochure here and here.

“Hickenlooper spent years shrugging off ethics rules and the Colorado state constitution so he could jet around on private planes with his ‘friends’ and donors,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “Now that his actions are being investigated, the ‘millionaire former governor’ is relying on tax dollars from a 9/11 recovery fund to pay his defense lawyer and long-time donor to try and get him off.”


Holidays have you stressed?

Need to get away, but stretched a little thin and can’t make it happen?

Never fear, the Joyride John Travel Agency is here!

When John Hickenlooper was governor, he didn’t let pesky little things like the state constitution or ethics rules get in the way of his travel time.

And now, you don’t have to either!

During his eight years as Governor, Hickenlooper cultivated a wide network of wealthy donors who flew him around the world in the lap of luxury.

Domestic? International? Mountains or beach? Makes no difference to Joyriding John, he has a private plane for every occasion.

And no need to worry about anyone finding out. Joyride John Travel organizes everything in secrecy.

But if you DO get caught, legal fees won’t ruin your Christmas. Hick found a way to funnel taxpayer money from a 9/11 recovery fund to his own $525-an-hour lawyer – who is also a longtime Hickenlooper donor.

Don’t let “rules” or “the law” get in the way your dream vacation. Travel the way you want today, with the Joyride John Travel Agency.

Animal costumes not included.