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NRSC Launches New TV Ads In Nevada

The NRSC announced today a new television ad campaign airing in Nevada.

The ads target Harry Reid’s handpicked candidate, Catherine Cortez Masto, for her weak record on crime and her failure to keep Nevadans safe as Attorney General. The ads are part of a major television and digital buy and will include a Spanish-language version that will run in the Las Vegas media market.

“Catherine Cortez Masto failed Nevada families as Attorney General when she allowed violent crimes to skyrocket. When she left office, Nevada was the country’s third most dangerous state – and it happened on her watch. Nevadans gave Cortez Masto the chance to stand up for them once. Her record of failure proves she doesn’t deserve another opportunity.” – NRSC Spokesman Greg Blair



NARRATOR: Who do you trust to keep your family safe?

In Catherine Cortez Masto’s last term as Attorney General, Nevada murder went up 11 percent…

Robbery went up 28 percent…

Rape, 51 percent.

When Cortez Masto left office, Nevada ranked as America’s third most dangerous state.

Catherine Cortez Masto couldn’t keep us safe in Nevada. Why would we trust her to do it in Washington?