Press Release
| Nathan Brand

NRSC Statement on Bullock considering senate run

With news today that Democrat Steve Bullock is reconsidering a run for the U.S. Senate, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) issued this statement:


“Succumbing to overtures from national Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama, Steve Bullock is giving a foolish senate run another look,” said NRSC spokesperson Nathan Brand. “Whether it’s his support for removing President Trump from office, banning guns, or allowing a top staffer to prey on women, Bullock lacks the character and values Montanans expect from a senator.”


Why now?

Former Democratic President Barack Obama met with Steve Bullock in Washington, DC in February.

Democrat Senate Minority Chuck Schumer flew to Montana last week to meet with Steve Bullock.


Problems ahead for Democrat Steve Bullock 

Bullock supported removing President Trump from office, despite Montanans voting for Trump by more than 20 percentage points.  Meanwhile, President Trump knows he has a strong friend and ally in Senator Steve Daines.

Bullock moved left on just about every issue as he pursued the Democratic nomination for president.

Bullock has a checkered history when it comes to protecting women from predators and valuing them in the workplace.