| Joanna Rodriguez

NRSC Statement on North Carolina Democratic Primary

Washington, D.C. –  The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) today released the following statement on national Democrats’ endorsement of Cal Cunningham in the North Carolina Senate Democratic primary:

“It’s no secret Cal Cunningham has been hiding out in a ‘windowless basement’ on the orders of Chuck Schumer and national Democrats, but with this endorsement he will have nowhere left to hide from his Party’s toxic socialist agenda,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “That this endorsement comes only after Cunningham backed sanctuary cities, health care for undocumented immigrants, and impeaching the President surprises absolutely no one.”

Today’s endorsement comes on the heels of multiple reports criticizing Cunningham’s campaign strategy, hypocrisy involving corporate money in politics, and policy positions in this race:

  • Explosive audio from State Senator Jeff Jackson revealed he criticized Cunningham for following orders from Chuck Schumer and the DSCC to hide from voters in a “windowless basement.”
  • A new report exposed Cunningham’s involvement creating Durham’s first ever corporate-backed Super PAC and the hypocrisy of his claims about corporate money in politics.
  • In an interview last week, Cunningham effectively declared his support for sanctuary cities and free healthcare for undocumented immigrants after being repeatedly asked about both issues.
  • A review of campaign finance documents revealed at least 50 major New York donors with direct ties to Chuck Schumer and related organizations had donated to Cunningham in the second quarter. New data from the third quarter revealed over $124,500 from other incumbent Democratic Senators.