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NRSC Video Highlights Mark Kelly’s Broken Promises to Arizona Taxpayers

Washington, D.C. –  The National Republican Senatorial Committee today released a new video attacking Mark Kelly for his company’s broken promises to Pima County taxpayers and dependence on communist Chinese investors.

“Mark Kelly’s company spent years flaunting its ties to Chinese investors while reaping the benefits of taxpayer funding,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “Now when the national security threats of these types of investments are being realized, Kelly remains silent. Mark Kelly will do or say anything to protect his bottom line, and Arizonans can’t trust him to deliver on promises to taxpayers or keep America safe from communist influence.”

Watch the video here.

The video comes after a bombshell report from Real Clear Politics this morning about Kelly’s refusal to discuss investments from “an arm of the Chinese Communist Party and a threat to U.S. national security” in his company World View Enterprises.


Arizona Senate Candidate Mark Kelly started a company called World View with your tax dollars. 

Kelly’s company took $15 million and an array of government benefits from Pima County with the commitment of creating 400 jobs.

But it failed to meet even 25 percent of that goal or pay back taxpayers.

But it does manage to employ Kelly’s daughter.

And they even sent a chicken sandwich into space.

The company has also raised money from a Chinese telecom conglomerate – raising serious national security concerns.

And in 2017, one of the company’s balloons exploded — costing nearly half a million dollars in damages to the area.

Kelly’s company received tough criticism for attempting to hide news of the explosion for several months and then for downplaying the damage.

Arizona deserves a senator who puts the people of Arizona first. Not line his own pockets with our tax dollars.