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NRSC WEB VIDEO: Evan Bayh’s Worst Week In Washington

Washington superlobbyist and JW Marriott Rewards Member Evan Bayh was spotted in this morning's Politico Playbook at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, "presumably headed 'home' on the flight to Indy."

Washington superlobbyist and JW Marriott Rewards Member Evan Bayh was spotted in this morning’s Politico Playbook at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, "presumably headed ‘home’ on the flight to Indy."

We have a theory as to why he headed out of his hometown: Evan Bayh had the Worst Week In Washington.


To recap the week that was:

CNN reported that Bayh is an inactive voter in the state he seeks to serve in the United States Senate because election officials "failed to establish his residency in Indianapolis."

  • Breitbart: "Democratic Senate Candidate Evan Bayh Ruled Not a Voter in His ‘Home’ State"

  • The Daily Beast: "Bayh Is An Inactive Voter in His State"

  • The Hill: "Bayh’s Indiana voting status is inactive…"

  • Howey Politics: "…his comeback might not be so easy. CNN reported this past week that he used his multi-million dollar Georgetown house as his official address when he donated to Hillary Clinton last year…Evan, the more things change, the more things stay the same. You’re in for a wild ride. Welcome home!"

  • The Indianapolis Star: "Let’s be clear: Evan Bayh left Indiana."

  • Journal & Courier: "OK, so whose job was it to check that Evan Bayh’s voter registration was clean and ready to go? Anyone?…Consider this tidbit from reporter Manu Raju’s report at CNN: ‘A source with Indianapolis Power and Light said Bayh’s monthly electric bills averaged less than $20 per month since 2012, suggesting little – if any – uses at his Indiana condo.’ Sheesh."

  • Politico: "When asked how much of his time he spends in Indiana compared to Washington, Bayh responded ‘a lot’ and declined to quantify, adding: ‘I can’t reduce it to a number.’"

  • The Washington Post: "A U.S. Senate candidate is registered as an inactive voter in his state. Oops."

  • The Washington Times: "Senate candidate Evan Bayh’s voter registration status ‘inactive’ in Indiana"

  • WPTA: "More Problems For US Senate Candidate Evan Bayh"

  • WXIN: "Evan Bayh Is Under Attack For His Voting Status In Indiana"

An additional CNN review of Bayh’s records also revealed that he listed his multi-million dollar DC homes as his main places of residence.

  • Independent Journal Review: "Top Democratic Senate Candidate Evan Bayh Says He Never Left Indiana. His Public Records Say He Did."

  • The Journal Gazette: "Report says Bayh lists DC as home residence"

  • The News-Sentinel: "Editorial: Is Evan Bayh still a Hoosier?"

  • Politico Pro’s Morning Score: "Bayh faces flurry of negative coverage"

  • Roll Call: "Report: Bayh Often Listed Residence in D.C., Not Indiana"

  • The Weekly Standard: "Bayh Listed Washington, Not Indiana, As Primary Home"

  • WIBC: "…campaign finance records show he listed his Washington address when he donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign last summer, and to a Georgia Senate candidate in 2014. CNN reports he also put the D.C. address to apply for an Alaska fishing license and on the deed to a Florida vacation home."

  • WEHT-TV: "More Questions About Where Exactly Indiana Senator Evan Bayh Calls Home – Indiana Or Washington"

  • WOWO: "The Democratic candidate for Senate in Indiana may not live in Indiana at all."

  • WPTA: "Evan Bayh Faces Backlash" Over Washington Residence"

  • WPTA: "Questions Are Being Raised Regarding Evan Bayh’s Roots In Indiana"

  • WRTV: "Does Evan Bayh really live in Indiana?"

The Associated Press reported that Bayh won’t tell Hoosiers just how much he profited from his career in politics after requesting a deadline extension for his financial records.

  • WLFI: "Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Evan Bayh is getting more time to make his financial records public."

BuzzFeed News reported that Bayh moved his charity from Indiana to the office of his K Street lobbying group after he left the Senate.

The Indianapolis Star reported in its front-page exposé and editorial cartoon that "Evan Bayh’s private sector work raises questions." Government watchdogs are sounding the alarm about Bayh’s revolving door record by asking if he was "working in the best interest of his constituents or potential employers."

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