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Oh, look at the time…

Tammy Baldwin has officially gone into hiding and is refusing to answer questions about Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his confirmation to the Supreme Court. Asked by Fox 6 Milwaukee’s Theo Keith whether she would talk to reporters about Kavanaugh, Baldwin conveniently ran out of time for questions.

Baldwin’s sudden scheduling problems come just as the Hill reports the tremendous lengths that Baldwin and her Democratic colleagues in the Senate are going to dodge reporters, even faking phone calls in the Senate hallways and complaining about a “lost voice” to avoid having to answer questions on his nomination.

But Wisconsin voters deserve to know whether she’ll stand with her liberal party bosses to obstruct this eminently qualified nominee or if she’ll do her job and vote to confirm him to the court.

“Wisconsin deserves a Senator who will speak up and tell them where she stands, not another career politician like Tammy Baldwin who’d rather duck and hide,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Baldwin has spent the last 32 years running for office and doing everything her liberal party bosses have wanted, but voting against Kavanaugh would prove to voters once and for all that when it comes to the issues Wisconsin cares most about, she’ll only do whatever Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer tell her to.”