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Paging Sen. Baldwin…

Tammy Baldwin has plenty of explaining to do when it comes to how she plans to pay for her ‘single payer’ government takeover of the U.S. health care system. But rather than giving Wisconsin families the answers they deserve, Senator Baldwin is refusing to talk about it.

First, Baldwin snubbed the Wisconsin State Journal when they tried to get the specifics of her plan. Then yesterday, Senator Baldwin was stopped in the airport and asked once again, how she plans to pay for her $32 trillion government-run health care plan. Instead of answering, Tammy Baldwin puts her head down and runs off just as fast as she can.

Click here to watch the video.

Senator Baldwin is probably more than a little uncomfortable answering the question, given reports show that even DOUBLING federal taxes wouldn’t be enough to pay for single payer. And Baldwin probably wants to avoid the topic all the more now that fact checkers have repeatedly debunked the idea that “Medicare for All” would reduce American health care spending.

Regardless of any pressure Baldwin may be feeling, Wisconsin deserves to know how much more they’ll be paying, and it’s time for Baldwin to speak up.