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Patrick Murphy Needs To Stand Up To Senate Democrats Threatening To Shut Down The Government

Patrick Murphy has previously criticized gridlock and partisanship, yet has now become part of the problem by allying himself with Democrats who are threatening a government shutdown.

But now that Congressman Murphy is running for the United States Senate and relying on support from some of the most partisan Democrats in Washington to prop up his primary campaign, will he stand up to these party bosses and criticize their government shutdown strategy?

“Congressman Patrick Murphy needs to stand up to the partisan Senate Democrats planning on shutting down the government,” said NRSC spokesman Matt Connelly. “It’s partisan Senate Democrats that are supporting Patrick Murphy’s campaign and unless he draws a line in the sand on their plan to shut down the government, Floridians can only assume he’ll do the same thing in the Senate.”


In March 2015, Murphy Said He Was Running For Senate As A Consensus Builder Because “People Are Tired Of The Gridlock… They’re Tired Of The Partisanship.” “Florida’s Senate race is likely to be one of the nation’s premier partisan struggles next year, but Murphy describes himself in his announcement statement as a ‘consensus builder’ and ‘independent voice’ who stands in contrast to ‘hyperpartisan politicians who can’t, or won’t, get anything done.’ ‘People are tired of the gridlock,’ Murphy said in a Sunday interview. ‘They’re tired of the partisanship, and I believe that being in the Senate, we’re going to have more opportunities to reach across the aisle to get things done.’” (George Bennett, “Patrick Murphy Talks With The Post About Taking On Rubio’s Senate Seat,” Palm Beach Post, 3/23/15)

Murphy, Who “Campaigned Against Partisanship And Dysfunction In Congress,” Said The Tea Party Was “Driving The Nation Into Dangerous Territory” By Shutting Down The Government. “Less than a year ago I was first elected to Congress because I campaigned against partisanship and dysfunction in Congress. I ran against a member of the tea party, arguing that the tea party was taking the country in an extreme direction. After just nine months in office, the situation is far worse than I had imagined and the tea party is driving the nation into dangerous territory. This small group has shut down the United States government and is threatening to send our nation into default for the first time in history.” (Rep. Patrick Murphy, Op-Ed, “Patrick Murphy: Past Time For Washington To Stop Playing Games,” Sun Sentinel, 10/12/13)