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peas in a pod

Today, Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC, Priorities USA Action, announced it’s spending millions of dollars to try to elect the Andrew Gillum-Bill Nelson ticket.

So, while Bill Nelson’s campaign is desperately trying to convince Floridians he doesn’t support socialist Andrew Gillum’s extreme policies (after calling them mainstream), why would a far-left group light money on fire trying to elect both of them? And don’t forget, this news comes right after extreme liberal Elizabeth Warren sent emails on their behalf.

It’s because extreme liberals know the truth: Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson will work hand in hand to take Florida in a dangerous direction.

“No matter what Bill Nelson’s campaign claims, all anyone has to do is follow the money,” said Camille Gallo, NRSC Spokesperson. “Far-left liberals are funding the Gillum-Nelson ticket because they know these two will work together and support an extreme agenda that will destroy Florida’s economy, raise taxes, and hurt families.”