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Pence to MT: Defeat Tester, Elect Rosendale

Vice President Pence returned to Big Sky Country this afternoon for a rally urging Montanans to defeat Jon Tester and elect the conservative fighter he and President Trump need in the Senate — Matt Rosendale.

Pence reminded Montanans that on every issue from tax cuts and sanctuary cities to confirming conservative judges and repealing Obamacare, Jon Tester sided with Washington liberals to obstruct President Trump. “A vote for Senator Jon Tester is just a vote for the liberal agenda. More resistance and the policies of Chuck Schumer and the Democrats,” Pence said.

Pence finished the rally encouraging every Montanan to get out and vote for Matt Rosendale. “Matt Rosendale really represents the best of Montana. He’s a man of conviction, a man of faith and he has the values and principles that are synonymous with the good people of Montana,” Pence said. “I think it’s time to vote no on Jon Tester and vote to make Matt Rosendale the next Senator from the great state of Montana.”

Click here and here for highlights from the rally.