Phil Bredesen’s feathers are all ruffled after Vice President Pence came to town and reminded voters that Bredesen is a liberal Democrat who has criticized the GOP tax cuts as “crumbs,” and favors single-payer health care.

In classic Bredesen fashion, he responded to the VP’s comments by lying, saying “it’s too general to declare yourself for or against single-payer.” But Bredesen’s own words make it clear he supports single-payer, as he previously told C-SPAN, “that’s what I think actually we should do.”

“Phil Bredesen may not like it, but Vice President Pence nailed it when he called out Bredesen for what he is—a left-wing liberal,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “As a liberal running for the U.S. Senate in deep red Tennessee, Phil Bredesen has good reason to be upset given the reality that Tennessee voters want nothing to do with his radical big government policies.”


  • Bredesen: “Single-Payer, The Federal Government Collecting The Money And Then Turning It Over, I Mean That’s What I Think Actually We Should Do.” (Phil Bredesen Remarks On C-SPAN, 10/20/10) (Min. 28:45-29:21)
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