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President Trump hammers Rosen, warns of Democrat control

At President Trump’s rally today in Elko, Nevada, he laid out the dire consequences Nevadans will face if Jacky Rosen and her Democratic colleagues take control of Congress.

President Trump blasted Democrats’ open border policies, their terrible record on the economy and their disastrous health care idea, “Medicare for All,” which would eliminate private and employer-based insurance plans and force folks onto a government-run health care disaster that would cost $32.6 trillion. President Trump reminded Nevada voters that “Democrats in Congress have already signed up for a socialist takeover of health care that would eliminate the private insurance of 1.6 million people from Nevada. The Democrat plan would destroy Medicare and terminate Medicare Advantage for almost 200,000 Nevada seniors who depend on it.”

It’s clear Nevadans can’t afford to send Jacky Rosen and her dangerous policies to the U.S. Senate.

“Jacky Rosen’s beholden to the radical ideas of Washington liberals and if she’s sent to Washington, Nevadans can expect higher taxes, worse health care, open borders and bigger government,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “Nevadans need to elect Senator Dean Heller, who has cut taxes, fought for Nevada veterans and provided Nevada the type of leadership they deserve.”