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Preview of Baldwin’s speech tonight

Tammy Baldwin is set to hit the mainstage tonight at the Wisconsin Democratic Party’s convention in Oshkosh. Ahead of her speech this evening, we’ve decided to give an advance look at the best talking points Senator Baldwin should include in her speech this evening, courtesy of her friends at the NRSC.

Here’s what Senator Baldwin should tell voters this evening at the convention…

  1. I am a do-nothing career politician. I’ve been running for office for 32 years, been paid $3.2 million in taxpayer salaries, and only ever passed four pieces of legislation into law, including my signature achievement which only renamed a federal building.
  2. I did nothing to stop the opioid crisis at the Tomah VA. I ignored reports from the VA Inspector General’s Office and repeated warnings from whistleblowers about opioid abuse at the Tomah VA facility, until it was revealed that a veteran overdosed at their facility.
  3. If I’m re-elected, I’m going to take away your tax cuts. Even though hard-working Wisconsin families are seeing wage increases, bonuses, raises and economic growth that has put Wisconsin unemployment at an all-time low, if I get re-elected I told MSNBC that I’m willing to take those tax cuts away.
  4. I won’t get serious about fighting ISIS and terrorist organizations. Instead of taking the fight to the enemy, I believe in a non-violent approach to fighting terrorism, in fact, I even wanted to create a “Department of Peace and Nonviolence.”
  5. I’ll release drug dealers and violent sex offenders from prison – no questions asked! In the state legislature, I tried to make it easier for violent sex offenders to get back on the streets and stop judges from committing them to mental institutions. When prisons were overcrowded, I supported releasing as many as 600 drug dealers back into Wisconsin communities.
  6. I’ll never fix our broken border. Instead of fixing our broken immigration system, I voted to continue giving federal funding to sanctuary cities, which refuse to comply with federal immigration enforcement and voted against tougher penalties for illegal immigrants that illegally re-enter the US.
  7. I’ll crush Wisconsin agriculture with burdensome new regulations. I support burdensome water regulations that harm Wisconsin farmers and businesses with increased permitting costs and excessive litigation. The American Farm Bureau Federation gives me an abysmal 25% score.

“At tonight’s convention, Tammy Baldwin should come clean about her devastating record for Wisconsin families,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Wisconsinites need to know the truth about Tammy Baldwin’s totally embarrassing lack of achievements and why she’s been asleep at the wheel during the 32 years she’s been running for public office.”