Press Release
| Joanna Rodriguez

Prison Time for Hickenlooper-Appointed Judge?

John Hickenlooper’s judge is looking at prison time. Over the weekend, a report from The Denver Post revealed that a former Weld County District Judge – who had been appointed by then-Governor John Hickenlooper – is now facing prison time. In June, Ryan Kamada pleaded guilty to obstructing a federal investigation into a cocaine trafficking ring in northern Colorado. He now faces 12 to 41 months in prison.

In a debate on Friday evening, Cory Gardner hammered Hickenlooper for the appointment as well as other ethic woes:

“We’ve seen judges you’ve appointed in the news recently. One was covering up a cocaine ring in Northern Colorado. We’ve also seen a justice you appointed to the state Supreme court who was a donor of yours. It’s a pattern that continues to repeat itself.”

“Hickenlooper’s time as governor was marked by abuse of power and motivated by self-interest,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “Hickenlooper is ‘not cut out’ for the responsibility of confirming judges and justices that will uphold the law.”