| Joanna Rodriguez

Progressive Backlash Greets Hickenlooper’s Senate Launch

Yesterday’s Hickenlooper Senate announcement received a less-than-warm welcome from progressives in Colorado and across the country:

Press were weary as well. 9 News’ Kyle Clark said it best: “The tricky part for the person looking to get hired here, former Governor Hickenlooper, is that everybody knows he is only applying because he did not get the job he really wanted. And he is also not the only person that wants to work for you. There is a line out the door… that all say they do want the job, and they would be good at it.”

Today, a whole new firestorm of backlash erupted after Chuck Schumer and Washington Democrats officially endorsed Hickenlooper over a diverse field of progressives, women, and minority candidates who’ve spent months saying they actually want the job.

  • Andrew Romanoff: “The @dscc has no qualms at all—they recruited a candidate to fight the #GreenNewDeal & #MedicareForAll, and now they’re doubling down on their investment. We can bend to Washington’s will—or break them.”
  • Bernie Sanders speechwriter David Sirota: “The DSCC is now officially trying to block a contested Democratic primary in the state of Colorado — and is trying to create a coronation for the candidate who opposes a Green New Deal and Medicare for All.”

Welcome home, Hick.