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Questions piling up for Bill Nelson

After disappearing from the public eye, Bill Nelson is standing by his alarming claim that Russia has already infiltrated some Florida voter registration systems. But what he won’t do is provide any evidence or details to back up his concerning claim.

Remember, Nelson originally refused to elaborate on his allegation saying the information was “classified.

So, if Bill Nelson isn’t backing down from his serious accusation, why does he seem more concerned with revealing intel to the press than to appropriate state election officials? Does this mean the Senator exposed classified information? Or since no state or federal officials have confirmed this claim, is he just making it up? And most importantly, why won’t he provide Floridians with the thorough explanation they deserve?

The questions keep piling up for Bill…

“Bill Nelson’s latest comments on his warning that Russians infiltrated some Florida voter registration systems only yield more questions about his alarming claim,” said Camille Gallo, NRSC Spokesperson. “Since Bill Nelson originally stated this information was classified, does this mean the Senator recklessly exposed classified information to the press instead of alerting state election officials or is he just making up the serious accusation?”