If anyone is having doubts that the campaign season is in full swing, one just has to keep an eye out for any sightings of Bill Nelson. True to form, the elusive career politician has woken up from his six-year slumber and is making the rounds trying to convince Floridians he cares about them and not just his taxpayer-funded job.

Today, he’ll be hosting a roundtable on the toxic algae bloom impacting the communities and environment around Lake Okeechobee.

But it’s been thirty years since Nelson made a pledge to “save Lake Okeechobee” and he hasn’t come close to upholding this commitment, failing to secure funding to repair the federally operated Herbert Hoover Dike.

So, someone might want to ask Bill Nelson what he’s been doing for all these years (besides hiding in Washington) and if Floridians will have to wait another three decades for Nelson to wake up and do something.

In One Of His 1990 Gubernatorial Campaign Ads, Nelson Said He Was “Taking On The Tough Issues.”
The Environment: A pledge to prevent offshore drilling, to save Lake Okeechobee and make polluters pay for the cleanup. (“Spot Check,” St. Pete Times, 8/16/90)

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