Press Release
| Joanna Rodriguez

RECEIPTS: Chuck Schumer Bought & Paid For Cunningham’s Primary Win

In case you missed it, the receipts for North Carolina’s Democratic primary have shown up and as suspected, Chuck Schumer and his Senate Majority PAC (SMP) will stop at nothing to buy the North Carolina Senate seat for corporate attorney James Calvin Cunningham III.


SMP transferred more than $7.8 million to VoteVets, who ended up spending over $7.5 million for Cunningham in the primary. They also fully-funded the mysterious Carolina Blue Super PAC, which spent over $4.5 million for Cunningham in the primary.


Cunningham repeatedly tried to down play the outside spending in this race, including a brutal interview with CBS 17 just before the primary. Turns out all the groups really were just pass-throughs for Chuck Schumer and his liberal and corporate donors.


“Cal Cunningham chose to stay silent as his Washington puppet masters fully-funded the North Carolina efforts of a dark money group VoteVets Action Fund and Super PAC Carolina Blue,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “Now we all have the receipts, and it is more clear than ever that Cunningham is bought and paid for by Chuck Schumer and his liberal New York donors.”