Moments after Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement yesterday, far-left activist groups came out swinging, penning a letter urging Senate Democrats, including Heidi Heitkamp to reject any of the 25 names on President Trump’s shortlist for the court.

The letter was signed by some of Senator Heitkamp’s most loyal supporters from Planned Parenthood, End Citizens United and Center for American Progress. So question is: will Heidi Heitkamp stand with her constituents and confirm President Trump’s nominee to the court? Or will Heitkamp double down on her obstruction to appease the radical groups who’ve loyally supported her all these years?

“Voters are watching closely to see if Senator Heitkamp will join her colleagues in appeasing her liberal special interest friends by voting against President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “Voters saw how Democrats fought tooth-and-nail to obstruct Neil Gorsuch’s nomination just last year, and they won’t be so forgiving if Heitkamp and her colleagues choose to play the same game all over again.”

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