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Rosen continues to back criminals

Pelosi puppet Jacky Rosen continues to put the safety of Nevadans at risk.

Last night, Rosen joined with Nancy Pelosi to vote against an amendment that would defund sanctuary cities that harbor illegal immigrants. During her brief time in office, Rosen has made a habit of voting with Pelosi, and against the security of Nevada residents.

“It’s clear Jacky Rosen would rather appease her puppet master Nancy Pelosi than protect Nevada residents from criminals,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “Folks in Nevada deserve politicians unafraid to put their constituents’ safety first, and Jacky Rosen has once again failed to do that.”

• In June 2017, Rosen voted against a bill that would prohibit federal, state, and local governments from restricting law enforcement from complying with federal immigration laws. (H.R. 3003, Roll Call Vote #342, 6/29/17; Passed 228-195: Rosen voted: NAY)
• In June 2017, Rosen voted against a bill that would deter the reentry of illegal immigrants and keep criminals off our streets. (H.R. 3004, Roll Call Vote #344; Passed 257-167: Rosen voted: NAY)