| Nate Brand

Sara Gideon: no questions, please

After a busy week with wealthy donors in California and Connecticut, Sara Gideon returned to Maine to avoid reporters’ questions. At an event this weekend, Gideon brushed off multiple interview requests.

NEWS CENTER Maine reported that “Gideon declined an interview with NEWS CENTER Maine,” and The Bangor Daily News reported that “Gideon was also in attendance but said she didn’t have time to talk to a reporter…”

Gideon’s dodging of questions comes on the heels of Politico reporting she “wasn’t firm on hot-button issues herself” and her telling the reporter: “you’re asking me questions that my six-week-old campaign self has not quite gotten to yet.” According to Politico, Gideon was unable or unwilling to take positions on Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, supporting Schumer for Minority Leader, the legislative filibuster, and reforming the Supreme Court.