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Bill Nelson’s house of cards has started to crumble and the NRSC loves to pile on! Today, the NRSC is launching Google search ads in Florida for voters who are starting to wonder who Governor Rick Scott is running against for Senate. We know polling shows 49% of people don’t know who Bill Nelson is, so now that Governor Scott is in the race and folks might be curious who he will defeat this November, the NRSC is explaining to voters that Nelson is a no-show Senator.

The new ads, which can be seen below, will reach Floridians searching online for terms like:

Who is my Senator; What has my Senator done; Rick Scott; Governor Scott; 2018 Senate race; What has Bill Nelson gotten done; Bill Nelson accomplishments; Bill Nelson; Senator Nelson; Nelson Florida; Who is Bill Nelson; Have I heard of Bill Nelson; How to make money for nothing; Getting paid for nothing; Can I get paid not to do anything; Getting to work; Ready to work.

“Bill Nelson is a no-show Senator who has gotten ZERO results for Florida even though he’s been in Congress for 30 years,” said Katie Martin, NRSC Communications Director. “Governor Rick Scott is the only person in this race who has delivered proven results for Florida, and voters will be reminded of that every day until Election Day.”

Screenshots of the ads on Google are below:




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