Another day, another fly-in from an out-of-state liberal to bail out Tammy Baldwin. But this time, rather than relying on resistance-icon Kamala Harris, Tammy Baldwin’s turned to washed-up, failed Presidential candidate Martin O’Malley, who will hold an event for her today.

(Yes, the same tax-loving liberal Governor of Maryland who decided to tax the rain.)

But, facing dismal favorability ratings and with virtually no record of achievement to run on, Tammy Baldwin’s only hope seems to be flying in every no-name liberal she can think of to prop up her sinking campaign.

Then again… after she willfully ignored repeated warnings about dangers at the Tomah VA and, like O’Malley, pursued a tax-everything-she-can agenda during her 20 years in Congress, it’s pretty safe to say that no number of out-of-state B-list surrogates are going to be enough to save her this November.

“If Tammy Baldwin put even a fraction of the effort she puts into flying in out-of-state liberals into actually getting something done in Congress, maybe she wouldn’t be in such a tough place this November,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “It’s time for Senator Baldwin to own up to her embarrassing lack of achievement in Congress and her constant efforts to undermine the conservative reforms that have put Wisconsin’s economy back on track.”

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