Press Release
| Bob Salera

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-DC)

Claire McCaskill must see the writing on the wall back in Missouri, and is already planning her next move in politics – Senator from Washington, DC.

At a forum today at Missouri State University, McCaskill expressed her desire to grant statehood to Washington, DC. But McCaskill acting as an advocate for Washingtonians should come as no surprise. McCaskill is the proud owner of the most expensive condo in the exclusive CityCenter neighborhood as well as a swanky restaurant in the same development. She’ll be right at home in the District once Missourians vote her out of office in November.

Also of note – Claire McCaskill, an attorney and a sitting member of the United States Senate, appears to believe that DC voters do not have a vote for President (see the 23rd Amendment for details on this). In 2016, DC, like McCaskill, supported Hillary Clinton for President.