Press Release
| Nathan Brand

Sen. Gary Peters demonstrates the worst of Washington

NEWS: Senator Gary Peters just joined with Senate Democrats to block historic police reform legislation.

Siding with Democrat leaders, some equating police reform with actual “murder,” Democrat Gary Peters again has put partisan politics ahead of the interests of Michigan voters. This news isn’t shocking given Peters’ career of being a loyal, back-bench, unaccomplished career politician.


STEP 1: Claim to be working on bipartisan legislation and do a series of interviews saying how bipartisan you are. Peters’ team touted a bill he sponsored being included in the police reform package, Peters said he’d offer amendments to bill on the floor, then he did an interview claiming to be bipartisan.

STEP 2: Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer announces his caucus won’t support the police reform deal and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi goes on to call the legislation actual “murder.”

STEP 3: Peters, who votes with Chuck Schumer more than 90 percent of the time, falls in line with his party boss’s directions by voting to block police reform. All while complaining the process is too partisan.

“For nearly 30 years as a career politician, Gary Peters has put his partisan politics and his own personal interests ahead of Michigan voters,” said NRSC spokesperson Nathan Brand. “Peters’ vote to block meaningful police reform is further proof that his loyalty is to party bosses and what will help him make a buck, not the men and women of Michigan.”