Press Release
| NRSC Communications

Senate Democrats Hold Up Critical Coronavirus Relief Once More

Washington, D.C. –  The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) today released the following statement after Senate Democrats blocked another vote on the coronavirus relief package:


“For the second time in less than 24 hours, Senate Democrats held the U.S. economy hostage and threatened the health and safety of millions of Americans because they see this national crisis as a golden political opportunity they are incapable of letting go to waste,” said NRSC Communications Director Jesse Hunt. “No one should be shocked Senate Democrats are using a coronavirus relief package they negotiated in good faith as a way to ultimately enact their extreme base’s policy wish list. They need to stop playing games while people’s lives are at stake, and work with the adults in the room.”


Democrats blocked the critical relief funding in favor of Nancy Pelosi’s version of the bill, a 1,119-page socialist wish list. None of the DSCC-backed candidates have disavowed Schumer’s actions, despite their previous calls on the Senate to act swiftly.