Washington, D.C. – Crime across the nation is reaching record levels while police departments in major cities face staffing shortages. According to a new report, cities like Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle, and Denver are facing severe staff shortages while they struggle to curb rising violent crime rates.

But the Senate Democrats who represent these cities are doing nothing to address these shortages, even when they have an opportunity to do so. In fact, over the weekend, they – Sens. Michael Bennet, Mark Kelly, and Patty Murray – voted against Senator Marco Rubio’s measure that would increase funding to combat violent crime. And if you think Democrat Senate candidates are any better, think again. Democrat Senate candidates like Pennsylvania’s John Fetterman have a long history of being weak on crime.

Senate Democrats’ anti-law enforcement agenda is wreaking havoc on cities across the country. Crime is going up while the number of law enforcement personnel is going down. Yet Senate Democrats still refuse to vote for more police funding.

Americans want to have confidence that they can be safe as they go about their daily lives. But under Senate Democrats’ leadership, crime is reaching all-time highs and law enforcement agencies might not have enough officers to respond when a citizen calls for help.


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