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Sherrod and Liz, BFFs

Sherrod Brown, proving he learned nothing from the 2016 election, is bringing the Senate’s most outspoken liberal to campaign with him in Ohio today.

Elizabeth Warren will join Brown at campaign stops in the Cleveland area, highlighting their shared, far-left vision for our country. It’s hard to find two Senators who agree on more, with Warren and Brown voting together 95% of the time during their tenure together in the Senate. On issue after issue Brown and Warren share identical views, from their calls for higher taxes, to their hostility to the Second Amendment and support for sanctuary cities. The Brown-Warren double feature is sure to be a hit with liberal donors, but it is unlikely to go over as well with Ohio voters.

“Sherrod Brown’s decision to bring Washington’s leading liberal to Ohio is an odd one considering last year’s election results,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “Brown’s embrace of Elizabeth Warren and her polarizing brand of far-left policies will endear him to national liberals, but is bound to be unpopular among Ohioans.”

Since 2013, Brown Has Voted With Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) At Least 95 Perent Of The Time. (Sen. Sherrod Brown / Sen. Elizabeth Warren, CQ Vote Comparison Report, CQ, Accessed 9/19/17)